How to Install Natural Stone Pebble Tile

Northern California has a solid sustainable and green decorative. Homeowners love the beauty of nature and like to bring some of the outdoors into the house in a manner that is creative and natural. Natural stone pebbles have become more prevalent in bathrooms due to appearance and their smooth texture. All these tiles are attached in sheets and mortared to some substrate.

Assess the width of the area you intend to tile. Divide that measurement in mark and half. Snap a chalk line. Assess the length of the Region. Divide in half, mark and snap a chalk line. The chalk lines that are crossed should mark the center of your area, along with your lines should be parallel with your walls.

Mix thinset mortar. Spread thinset more than 3 feet immediately adjacent to your chalk lines that are own crossed. Drag a one-quarter-inch V-notched trowel throughout the thinset in a 45 degree angle. Line up the edges of this stone pebble vinyl sheet. Press the sheet securely into the mortar. Remove any mortar that oozes up between the rocks. The sheets are designed to float as a puzzle. Fit and install two sheets adjacent to the sheet.

Put a plank, 2 to 3 feet long, over the tile sheets, flat side down. Tap on the board with a hammer to degree the sheets to one another. Move around the board until the sheets are flat check using a flat. Remove and clean any mortar that has oozed between the rocks with a sponge. Remember you have to leave of the depth of the pebbles clear for grout. Wipe off any mortar on the top of the pebbles. Continue tiling.

Cut pebble vinyl sheets by cutting with a saw and marking the mesh side. Remove individual pebbles and cut on the mesh. Tile into one-quarter inch of wood surfaces and walls. Do not allow mortar to be tight against wood as this can cause cracking. Allow the mortar.

Seal all of the pebbles using a paintbrush and a grout sealer. Allow the sealer to dry for 24 hours.

Mix grout according to the manufacturer’s directions. Distribute the grout over 24 square inches. Press the grout in between the pebbles. Begin cleaning the grout off the pebbles within 15 minutes. Clean the grout using a grout water. Continue until a faint haze is visible cleaning. It is generally a good idea for a single person while another cleans, to grout. Allow the grout to dry for 3 hours and then polish the pebbles with a cheesecloth.

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