Guest Groups: Bright and Merry!

It’s the season for all that’s bright. Shouldn’t our homes reflect this as well, and not just during the holidays? Let us add touches of bright cheer which will keep our homes merry all through this year. — Victoria from A Subtle Revelry


BÄRBAR Tray – $6.99

This is a very attainable piece to brighten up your current kitchen collection. I have this, and it is a perfect touch to liven up a cold winter day.

Castle and Matters

Penny Round Cushion Cover – AUD 49

I adore these cushions; they would be amazing to have in a contemporary den to help keep the mood light, bright and fun.

Golden Calf

Ceramic French Press – $35

I could imagine these presses on a coffee table tray. They are a lovely way to brighten up the daily morning routine.


Violet May Desk Calendar 2012 by Violet May Collage – $22

However much is on my to-do listing, having bright and merry calendars on my office wall makes every job seem manageable.

Fishs Eddy

Polka Dot Spice Jar with Cork Lid – $7.95

Because I can’t renovate my kitchen, I search for bright spots, as they bring out the best within an imperfect space.


Spektral + Sto-Lang Paper Mobiles – $18

This is a gorgeous and bright mobile that I would really like to have alongside my thick wooden nightstand to get a fun dose of contrast.


Elevate Kitchen Utensils – $40

Serving utensils tend to come really ho-hum. I adore the bright additions that these would bring about my kitchen.


Dalloway Armchair – $1,098

My favorite of favorites: a very bright chair. It’d make every guest who sat at my desk feel incredible.

Schoolhouse Electric

Hand-Blown & Decorated Glass Shade, Multi – $35

I adore this bright, striped glass color. It might change an older chandelier to a contemporary piece of art immediately.


Pair of 2 Chevron Designer Pillows by Willa Skye – $48

These cushions are the perfect set of brightness. They’d wake me with joy every morning.


Surf Magenta Dining Chair – $99.95

An additional bright chair — this type of festive vibe it’d present my space.


Hand Crochet Throw – GBP 175

1 dose of a bright mustard yellow and my entire living area could be transformed. I really like how the bright color brings out the very simple handmade details.

Leah Duncan

Moose Tea Towel – $18

A moose tea towel contributes to brightness. I would love the colours against a pop of thick black.

Party Pieces

Marble Party Balloons – GBP 1.99

Blow them up to get a celebration, and keep them up for a little while. I think these balloons would make any space (no matter how drab) immediately bright!


Moderate Fabric Bin, Polka Dot – $8.99

My newspaper stack would find a whole lot more fun if it were stored in a bright container like this. I would also like to see that the remotes corralled into such a fairly bin.


Bright Young Things: New York

I adore this book. The photos and stories are extremely inspiring and it brings immediate brightness onto a coffee table and to your guest’s conversations as well.


Mangas Largas

Bright touches into a normally neutral palette constantly liven up my disposition. I’d adore getting to see these rugs in my hallway every day.

The Future Perfect

Josiah by Terence Woogate – $200

A bright exposed cable might be one of my favorite current trends. Combined with fresh and clean white foundations, this light collection is an instant love of mine.


Napkin Ring, Wa

Just for fun, these bright napkin rings would look fantastic against my long dark dining table.

The Future Perfect

Versailles Fluò Vase with Lid – $199

I have always adored products which have that special touch. This vase will be seen with its vivid tip where it ends up in your space.

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