Exuberant, Spacious Hacienda at Texas

A self-described color enthusiast, interior designer Ashley Astleford was ecstatic to discover a customer that loved color as much as she did. This large home, home to a Texas couple and their five children, was a new, clean slate when Astleford came across it. The customer wanted to create an eclectic, cheerful and lived-in appearance.

Together with five kids, comfort and durability have been priorities, but Astleford refused to forfeit on style. She used reclaimed materials, durable furniture and laid-back textiles to make the house stinks.

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Who lives here: A couple and their 5 children
Location: Frisco, Texas
Size: 7,000 square feet
That’s intriguing: The customer and Astleford made several furniture shopping excursions to New York, California and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and ended up becoming great friends.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Vibrant accent colors are often mixed with more subdued tones, but the customer wanted none of that — sexy pinks, yellows and turquoises are the focal point in this dwelling.

The lively chairs in this outdoor dining area are cast iron, and Astleford repainted them. The daring wall has its sumptuous hue out of a custom-mixed stucco, along with the chimney and fireplace are adorned with a colorful selection of mixed Mexican tiles. “So many men and women are afraid of using color,” states Astleford. “But for me, there are no rules with color.”

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

While color was the primary emphasis in the home’s design, the customer also wanted her home to feel genuine. Wood, stones and other natural materials play a prominent part in Mexican design, therefore Astleford brought those elements into the house too. The stonework in this outdoor seating area is made up of Milsap stone, which offers an elegant contrast to the custom turquoise finish on the ceiling of the portico.

Couches: Big Mango Trading Company with Sunbrella cushions; pendants: Urban Outfitters

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

All the flooring tile in the residence is retrieved Saltillo tile, which provides the flooring a warm and worn-in appearance. Astleford wanted the house to feel eclectic and accumulated, therefore she fit amazing pieces into the project, instead of custom designing furniture to fit into the house. Antique furniture helps make this appearance too — the smaller piano in this area is actually a harpischord made by the client’s father.

Chairs: Urban Outfitters; wall paint: custom faux finish; chandelier: found in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The fireplace surround in the living room had been found in San Miguel de Allende, and Astleford had it reworked to fit. This room is filled with color and pattern, so Astleford kept the walls white as a crisp contrast.

Rug: ABC Carpet & Home

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The customer found the white art deco–style couches and chairs at a flea market in Northern California, and brought them back to Texas. Since they are not incredibly comfortable, Astleford used the turquoise couch within an anchor. This cozy area is right outside the kitchen, creating an open and entertainment-friendly space.

Floor lamps: 4510 Retail Shop; bar stools: Ballard Designs, coated in Mexican oilcloth

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The kitchen would be the automated gathering place for this extra-large family. The huge island and bar countertop provide lots of space for prep work and casual eating. The cabinetry is made from walnut and walnut with multiple colors by an expert artist in Mexico. The hood is custom made from stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal for a rustic and authentic appearance.

Chandelier: Lucite and petrified coral, Madeleine Weinrib; backsplash: Mexican red travertine; countertops: Granite and butcher block

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

An excess beverage region and combined pantry supplies more storage and prep space. This chamber is off to the best of the main kitchen and outfitted with a coffee maker, an ice machine, a dishwasher, a refrigerator and an additional sink.

Sink: Shaws, Rohl; coffee manufacturer: Miele; refrigerator and freezer drawers: Sub-Zero

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Another exposed bit of dry, piled Milsap stone brings texture and visual interest to the dining room ceiling, while a blue accent wall draws the eye to the outside. A lively iron jar rack holds empty wine bottles to make an ever-growing sculpture.

Pendants: ABC Carpet & Home; leather chairs: parsons; table: custom

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The entryway is adorned with a brilliant pair of Lucite lamps which Astleford found at a design shop in California. These extraordinary bits were in one of Liberace’s homes and provide a gorgeous contrast to the antique Mexican console.

Oil painting: David VillaseƱor

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

A classic art deco bar sits outside the house’s media room. The customer found the bar, and Astleford filled it with colorful accessories. “The customer had a terrific eye. She depended upon me to make everything work,” she states.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Salvaged white walnut flooring provides the bedrooms a warm feel. “She wanted the appearance of old and textured materials,” states Astleford.

The amazing painted wood bed frame in this children’s area is a 1930s Romanian piece found in Dallas.

Bedding: Anthropologie

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

While most media rooms are dim and stodgy, the customer wanted something much more colorful and brighter to fall in line with the remainder of her house. A blue lacquered bar generates the perfect place to serve up movie-time treats and suits the turquoise necklace covered walls perfectly.

Wall treatment: upholstered in turquoise linen from Kravet; countertop: Rojo Alicante marble slabs; couch: LoveSac; pillows: Consuela

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