Borers in Red Maples

The magnificent foliage of red maple (Acer rubrum) distinguishes it from other trees in the Acer family. All the leaves in its canopy change an excellent, deep-red through the fall while leaves are shades of yellow and orange. The deciduous tree does nicely in a number of environments including Sun Set Environment Zones 1 to 9 and 14 to 17 and is excellent for shade. Enemies of the tree contain several kinds bugs that infest the leaves and woody components of tree, of borers.

Leaf Stalk and Maple Petiole Borers

Petiole borers and both leafstalk attack the leaves of trees. Significant lack of leaves is a sign of an infestation. The stalks of infested leaves turn black, the leaf blade as well as shrivel falls. Before they mature, these pests start injury throughout the larval phase. Stalk borers become moths, but grownup petiole borers become tiny non-stinging wasps, called sawflies. These borers seldom cause serious injury to trees.

Flatheaded Appletree Borers and Pacific Flatheaded Borers

Pacific and appletree borers flatheaded borers are beetles that attack trees that are stressed, hurt and diseased. Young trees are susceptible to the pests. Pacific flatheaded borers are present in western states. The the feminine borers of both pests lay eggs. The larvae bore into the bark beneath the the area, and leave a path of frass -like material. They journey deeper in the tree as they mature. They prey on twigs when adults emerge. Both kinds of borers can cause serious injury to trees.

Maple Callus Borer

The callus borer is the larvae of a moth. The wasp-like insect lays eggs and enters the tree. The larvae eat their way to the tree and leave-behind frass when they arise. When they arise the women deposit eggs. Injury is usually not serious enough to destroy a tree, although signs of the borer contains tough and gnarled branches.


Before a tree has borers using spray pesticides might assist to stop the pests. Using an insecticide is impractical because of the size of the the problem as well as the trees in identifying the application time that is best. Most home gardeners don’t have the kind of products that will effectively treat most of the leaves of a tree that is afflicted. The best way to pro Tect trees from infections would be to keep them healthful with appropriate fertilization and typical watering. When you are do-ing yard maintenance avoid wounding the tree mowers. Keeping are as round the tree-free of particles, like piles and branches of leaves assists keep pests a-way. For borer infestations that trigger harm that is serious, consult an expert to eliminate the tree out of your lawn.

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